Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Red Butterfly Card

Just like the Blue Butterfly Card, do the following steps...

Take a piece of card stock and cut down to size that you will use for your image.
Cut a piece of "Be Creative" adhesive sheet to match the size for the card stock.
Remove one side from the adhesive and apply to the card stock.
When you have decided on what image to use, remove the other protective sheet from the adhesive.
Place your image (I used a Peel Off). Then use one of the protective backing sheets that you removed to smooth out the Peel Off (Shiny side down so it will not stick to the adhesive.)
Apply the clear clear microfine glitter over the entire image, remove excess and then burnish the applied glitter with your finger so all the glitter is well "seated".
Select the colors of your alcohol pens (I use Spectrum Noir but Copics will also work). Using a light touch, color your image...since the microfine glitter is very fine and your also burnished it, it is very smooth and will NOT harm your pen nibs.
Assemble your card.....

Can you see the Red Body in the Center 2 Arms, 2 Legs and mini red wings...

 The Butterfly in the corner is a 2 part mini die cut.



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