Thursday, January 31, 2013


The Imagine stamp in the Stamp-it Australia line is one of the larger single stamps.  When I thought of how I was going to color it I decided that how others had given it a radiant solid treatment was not how I wanted to do it.  I was still deciding how I was going to do it even after I had stamped the image.  It helped when I decided what the base card color would be.

I chose a yellow base card and then decided Yellow and Green and to space to colors around the image.

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  1. Hi Robert love the stamp. I have been having a look at some of your work and I love the mini dies. Its not as easy as it looks to do these lovely simplistic cards yet they are so effective.x

  2. Just seeen the link at the top of your blog and was gutted at first as I am of to Paris next week with three girlfriends and we have just bought Paris passes. On second look it was for 4 days and we are only going for 2 full days. Sigh of relief.x